Why a Rolex watch is worth the cost

by Rick Roberts
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It is common for people to wonder why a Rolex watch comes with such a high price tag. These are known as Swiss luxury watches and are one of the most popular watch brands worldwide. Many want to know what makes these watches better than others. Individuals who purchase them soon realize they are paying for the name, but they are also investing in the master craftsman and materials involved with making every watch.

Not always expensive

During the 1950s, Rolex watches were not too expensive. The cost for one of them started going up over years of manufacturing improvement. They eventually became one of the most expensive watches worldwide. During the 1950s, a person could get a Rolex Submariner for approximately $150. In modern money, that is around $1,460. Currently, getting an entry-level Rolex watch would cost a person approximately $5,000. Most of the Rolex watches people can purchase today cost up to $12,000.


All mechanical watches will command a higher price. There is a high cost for Rolex watches because of their in-house development. This is associated with both the craftsmanship and design of the watches. A lot of money is involved with designing and developing the movements, assembling them, and more. The materials used during this process are of the highest quality available.

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No expense spared

The philosophy of the company that makes Rolex watches is that no expense should be spared when manufacturing them. Rolex is known for going to great lengths to build a single watch. All materials involved with the product as well as its manufacturing process are of the highest quality possible Rolex has no problem using 904L steel. This makes a Rolex watch way ahead of any others in the luxury watch market. Most others will use 316L steel, which is much cheaper. The 904L steel in a Rolex watch makes it shinier, harder, and more durable. This alone will make the watch more expensive than others. The bezels in a Rolex are ceramic, and the dials are made from white gold. The numbers in the watch are made from sandblasted platinum. There are real gemstones used in the movements and bezel. These are expensive materials.

Research and development

Rolex has several research and development lab departments. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Time is spent in these labs developing the best techniques to produce the best watch possible. The company uses equipment that is extremely sensitive and sophisticated. Equipment such as gas spectrometers, electron microscopes, and more. A stress room will test the individual parts of the watch to see what they can withstand.

Quality control

The quality of a Rolex watch makes it obvious to all that they are worth the price tag. Each step of the production process is subject to intense quality controls. The handles on Rolex bezels are required to be extremely precise. The stones are not permitted to miss their ideal position by less than a quarter of the thickness of a human hair. There are significant controls involved with melting down silver, gold, and other precious metals used in the manufacturing of Rolex watches.

Engineering and watchmaking

A Rolex watch has a huge price tag when they are compared to other watches. Those who purchase them are paying for much more than meets the eye. A Rolex watch is an example of the fusion between watchmaking and engineering. This brand is a favorite of watch collectors. These are individuals who are willing to pay whatever is necessary to wear one. The record for the most expensive wristwatch sold during an auction is a Rolex Daytona. The watch was sold in New York at Phillips Auction. It was a stainless steel Rolex that was owned by Paul Newman. It was sold for over $17 million. This broke the previous record of $5 million that was paid for a Bao Dai Rolex.

Rolex watches do come with a high price tag. It would be a real challenge to find another product that provides the same level of quality. Those who purchase them realize and appreciate the superior materials and craftsmanship involved with each watch. The time required to make a Rolex watch, and all the costs involved are the reasons why so many people are glad to purchase this watch.

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