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What the button on your McDonald’s drink really means

by Rick Roberts
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Have you ever ordered a large number of drinks from your local McDonald’s? If so, were you somewhat confused by the different “buttons” you noticed on the lids? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one to think about what they mean. Another McDonald’s customer was very confused about the different buttons on the lids of this very famous food chain. Instead of forgetting about it and going on about her day, she decided to turn to others for clarification. Many McDonald’s employees jumped to help explain it to her. We’re happy that some people are so willing to explain it to us!

When you make a large order at McDonald’s that includes multiple drinks, the employees will give you a tray of those drinks to help you balance them. The buttons on the top of the drinks are there to help you figure out the difference in drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, and Diet Coke. These buttons are there for you so that you don’t have to taste-test them all to figure out which is which. While this is always a good idea, we’re very happy it works this way during the ongoing pandemic!

However, you may get confused about the buttons and what they mean. When you look at the buttons on the top of your soda, you will see that they are labeled “No Caff”, “Diet/Light, “1”, and “2”. The customer, who turned to Reddit for help, realized that they had no clue what those buttons meant. She mentioned that the only number that was pressed in on her drink was the number one and that she couldn’t understand why they didn’t just push in the diet button to differentiate between the two drinks she had. She went on to say that the number one really meant nothing to her!

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Reddit came through, answering the important questions for her and subsequently, us. As it turns out, those labels above the buttons on the cups really don’t mean much at all! One employee said that it seems to be different for each McDonald’s, but their store usually pushes the number one button for Diet Coke. If it is Coke Zero, then they push all four buttons or two random ones.

He even admitted that it is usually much easier to push random buttons than to take the time to find the diet button on the lid. We bet it is! After all, the employees at McDonald’s often work non-stop. It’s one of the most popular fast food chains in the world!

Another employee echoed what the first one said, telling readers that they always press one for a Diet Coke and either two or four when someone orders a Coke Zero.

A third employee told readers that their procedure is to press one if the drink is diet and then the two buttons next to one another when the drink is Coke Zero.

If you are confused by your multiple order next time, try to remember this advice- one button pushed down will likely be the diet version of your drink. If two or four buttons are pushed down, this is likely the zero-sugar version of your drink.

Of course, you could always avoid the confusion altogether by ordering a delicious milkshake, especially when St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Who doesn’t enjoy a cold, creamy Shamrock Shake from the major chain? You’ll know exactly what you have when you order one of these delicious green drinks! Of course, you do have to hope that their ice cream machine isn’t broken!

If you ever have a question that you want to be answered and can’t find it through a search, turn to the “professionals” at the website Reddit. You can find anything that you want on this amazing site! There are plenty of users who are eager to help out others. It’s a great website that you’ll enjoy time and time again!

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