These Are The Events Of The 2010’s That Will Become Important History

by Rick Roberts
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The 2010s were an exciting time in our country. We saw some amazing moments, but we also saw some tragic moments. Everything we went through created the climate we are in as we enter 2020s. Looking back at these moments can show us how to change things for the better while also remembering some of the good times. Here are the most important events of the 2010s that will go down in history.

Trump Becomes President

It’s not the first time that someone became a politician with minimal experience. It’s also not the first time that a celebrity became president. However, Trump’s presidency will certainly go down in history for the way it dramatically divided this country. Some people supported the businessman who spoke his mind while others saw him as an embarrassment. He is also only the third president to ever get impeached.

Chicago Cubs win the World Series

It was the curse of the goat. The popular team hadn’t won a World Series since 1908. Many fans went an entire lifetime watching every game never to watch them take home a championship. Then, in 2016, it happened. After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs went on to win the Cleveland Indians in the final hour. The people of Chicago rejoiced, but the rejoicing didn’t last long. The team didn’t do too well the following year.

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Black Lives Matter

A number of tragic murders took place, targeting the black community. George Zimmerman shot the innocent Trayvon Martin cutting through his yard after getting candy. More incidents occurred involving police officers. Sick of people getting away with murdering their people, especially the people supposed to protect them, the people started to band together to protest the violence against their community. Despite progress made during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s, it was clear there was more work to be done. The fight continues.

Mass Shootings

There was a sad surge in the number of mass shootings during the decade. The entire country was effected as certain people chose to murder innocent lives in schools and other large gatherings of people. The incidents were random and scary. The people who survived suffer more than we can ever know. In an effort to reduce these horrific incidents from happening again, many survivors used the tragedies to highlight where we can improve gun laws and emphasize mental health as a priority.

Going into the 2020s, it’s a good time to look back at the things we have experienced as a country. While looking back, let’s focus on the good we’ve accomplished and be hopeful.

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