The Story Of The Company That Brought The Very First Cars On The Market For Everyone!

by Rick Roberts
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Today, the car is indispensable from the street scene. The car is used every day by billions of people to travel and many people would not be able to do their jobs without this means of transport. However, there was a time when people still had to be convinced of the cart without horses. This is the story of the Ford Motor Company and their adventure as pioneers in the automotive industry …

Before Henry Ford founded his automotive company, he worked for Thomas Edison at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. During this time, together with his friend and mentor, Ford became interested in vehicles that could power themselves using gas.

The first car built by Ford was ready in 1896 and had 8 horsepower. It was named Model A. Striking intended similarities with the cars produced by Tesla. Since then, Ford’s car has continued to evolve and in 1913 the first moving manufacturing line was launched.

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The story begins with Henry Ford, the founder of the organization. When he was 40 years old he founded Ford Motor Co. which became the largest car manufacturer in the world. The company settled in Detroit in 1903 with a meager 12 employees. Since then, the car manufacturer has had many ups and downs.

Ford has also become very famous for the way in which it has set up its factory. He is also called a revolutionary in the automotive industry. He has forever changed how mankinds view on cars and how they were made.

One of the most popular cars that Ford has ever produced was the Model T. The car first came out of the factory in 1908 and was sold for 850 dollars. In total, more than 15 million cars were produced and sold.

In addition to revolutionary cars, Ford also changed the lives of thousands of employees, who were paid $ 5 a day for eight hours of work as a standard. The standard during this time was $ 2.34 a day for 9 hours of work. Not only did Ford’s 3,000 employees earn huge amounts of money, but they also had to work less for it. This change made it enormously popular to work at Ford and more than 15,000 people applied for the car company.

They appeared to remain inventive during the rest of the organization’s lifespan. They were one of the first to use the eco-friendly fuel to provide their plant with energy. They also built a concept car that ran on nuclear-generated power in 1957. To date, Ford remains one of the largest automotive companies that exist and they are primarily known for cars such as the Ford Mustang and their trucks.

During the lifespan of the organization, they have had shares in Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, and Aston Martin. This proves that the organization will not disappear soon and still looks to the future in a smart and economical way. With cars for everyone!

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