The Conjuring; Home Has New Owners, And It’s Still Haunted

by Shirley Williams
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The book and movie that frightened Americans are known as The Conjuring. The story is set in Rhode Island in an 18th-century farmhouse. In this very house, seven children have met their demise over the years. Two fearless people, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen decided to purchase the famous home. While it may seem peaceful and serene from the outside, inside, it’s just as horrific as the story depicts.

The Old Arnold Estate

Situated in the quaint Rhode Island suburbs is a home that is notorious for invoking fear in the minds of millions. The Old Arnold estate, as it was called, was purchased in June of 2019 by a Mexican couple. They’ve only been in the home a few short months, but they’ve already got several stories to tell about their new abode.

From what this fearless couple has experienced, everything in the movie was right, but they couldn’t be happier. They are paranormal investigators and see this as a documented story that they can add to their portfolio. They are accustomed to hearing doors opening, footsteps, and knocks, and it doesn’t scare them one bit.

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Eight Generations of Terror

While the couple has yet to feel anything evil, they recognize that it’s a bustling hub of spiritual activity. Cory said that he would have a hard time staying in the home without Jennifer because it’s such an active hot spot.

The stories behind this infamous home span more than eight generations. There have been reported murders, hangings, and drownings here, so it’s no wonder that it’s a paranormal hot spot.

The Perron Family

It was the Perron family that made this house a Hollywood hit. In the 1970s, Roger and Carolyn lived here with their five daughters. It wasn’t long after they moved in that they could tell this was no ordinary home. Things quickly escalated, and they knew they were in trouble.

Carolyn was the first person to be bothered by the paranormal activity. She reported watching her broom move across the kitchen and then vanish into thin air. She also observed piles of dirt appearing in the middle of a floor she just swept.

The children were next to experience communication from the paranormal, though they said it was initially harmless. Next came the putrid smells. They would awaken in the wee hours of the morning to the aroma of something that resembled rotting flesh.

One area of the home that the family avoided was the cellar. If the heating system failed, which it often did, they would have no choice but to go into the murky depths to fix it.

Expert Demonologists Couldn’t Bring Peace

Ed & Lorraine Warren came to help the desperate family eradicate the spirits. A seance was held in the home that made things worse. Unfortunately, the family didn’t have the money to go anywhere else, and they were forced to stay in the house until 1980. Thankfully, nothing followed them, and they were able to live in peace once they left.

The Heinzen’s Don’t Scare Easily

The Heinzen’s told local newspapers that there had been quite a few occasions that have made them jump a bit. However, they are not going to let a few spirits detour their plans. They want to restore the home, shoot a documentary film, and give paranormal tours to fellow enthusiasts. They don’t want to create a circus, but they would rather give the home the respect and admiration it deserves.

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