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Lost Treasures That You Can Still Find Today!

by Shirley Williams
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Although it seems that everything in the world has already been discovered already, there are still valuable and long-lost ‘treasures’ to be found that have still not been found. You have to search hard for it because they cannot be traced via Google Earth, and they are often buried or sunk deep into the ocean …

A shipwreck was found just off the coast of South American Colombia last year. It turned out to be the Spanish trading ship the San José, which was sunk on 8 June 1708. Converted to today, the treasure that was found to be worth about 14 billion euros! There are, however, more lost treasures that you can still find today with a little luck.

In 1933, Mexican millionaire Leon Trabuco decided to hide part of Mexico’s gold reserves in the desert. The businessman had bought the gold to sell it on to the United States market because he was convinced that the US dollar – due to the Great Depression – would devalue quickly and so the gold prices would rise.

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However, having around 16 tons of Gold involved enormous risks, so Leon decided to bury the ‘treasure ‘ in a sparsely populated area in New Mexico, on the border with his homeland. The place had to remain secret, so the millionaire never exactly disclosed the location. When he died he took it with him to his grave …

Arthur Flegenheimer, also known as Dutch Schultz, was a remarkable Mafia figure in the 1930s. Arthur was seen as the leader of the Jewish-German Mafia in New York. There he earned millions of dollars in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages during the prohibition, lotteries, and other illegal practices.

He hid the money in an iron vault that he would have buried in the Catskills Mountains. Shortly thereafter, however, the criminal was killed in a restaurant in New Jersey. The vault containing around 7 million dollars has never been found to date …

Blackbeard was the nickname of Edward Teach, a notorious pirate who was active in the Caribbean in the early 18th century. Although Blackbeard had had a short career as a pirate (from 1716 to 1718), he was notorious and famous. With his weapons and long black beard, he formed the typical image of a frightening pirate.

In his two years as a pirate, he gained serious wealth. While the Spaniards were busy obtaining gold and silver from Mexico and South America, Blackbeard waited patiently with his crew. At the right moment, they attacked the loaded ships and thus stolen treasures of enormous value. Blackbeard buried it and was the only one who knew the location. When he was murdered in 1718, he took it to his grave.

A hidden treasure is said to have been buried on the Canadian island ‘Oak Island’. Although the precise location is known, this has not yet led to results. So far only earth and branches have been found.

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