This Silent Movie Star Disappeared Without a Trace from a Cruise Ship at Sea

by Shirley Williams
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<p>In the world of film, there are few mysteries that have truly gone unsolved. Due to the very public status of many film stars, there has almost always been a spotlight keeping track of those involved in the industry. However, one of the most mystifying cases of disappearance from a film star was actually in the early 20th century when the silent film star Marie Empress disappeared without a trace.</p>
<p>Almost 100 years after her disappearance, many people are still perplexed by the fact that she seemingly vanished without a trace. To help you learn more about who Marie Empress was and what happened to her, we’ll be taking you through the history of the actress’ career, beginning with her origin story and ending with her mysterious disappearance.</p>
<p>&lt;h2&gt;<strong>A Beloved Actress</strong>&lt;/h2&gt;</p>
<p>Marie Empress was born in England in the late 1880s, but a more specific date of birth is not currently known. As a child, Empress would begin to fall in love with the theater, taking any opportunity she had to get on stage. This ended up leading her to take up acting as a profession, eventually landing her roles in a number of well-known dramas and comedies throughout England. Once she became famous enough in the United Kingdom, she began to get other opportunities that would bring her to theaters in the United States.</p>
<p>Empress was largely recognized for her ability to embody characters while also maintaining a light tone with the material. This allowed her to stay serious when the script called for it, but also be able to get many laughs out of the audience when necessary.</p>
<p>&lt;h2&gt;<strong>The Advent of Silent</strong> <strong>Films</strong>&lt;/h2&gt;</p>
<p>As film became more and more of a respected art form, many actors started to enter the industry as a way of expanding their portfolios. Marie Empress was one of these people, eventually finding success while working with silent film directors such as Frank Hall Crane and Joseph A. Golden. In particular, the 1915 film &quot;Behind Closed Doors&quot; helped her enter mainstream film culture, giving her significantly more notoriety and job opportunities.</p>
<p>&lt;h2&gt;<strong>A Mysterious Disappearance</strong>&lt;/h2&gt;</p>
<p>On October 27th, 1919, a ship called the Orduña landed in New York City as part of an 11-day journey. There was a list of many people who were on the ship, including Marie Empress. However, when the ship was searched, Empress was nowhere to be found. Her disappearance caused an uproar, with many people worrying about what could have happened to her.</p>
<p>Though many theories were developed throughout the years, nobody knows exactly what happened to Marie Empress. Some people say she drowned, but her body was never found. There are many Orduña employees who have shared their stories of the event, but none have come sufficiently close to finding any answer to the situation.</p>
<p>Marie Empress was an incredible actress and was able to bring joy to many people through her silent films. Despite the fact that we do not know how or when Empress disappeared, it’s clear that her legacy will continue to live on in her films!</p>

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