This Is A List Of Five Inventors Who Sadly Passed Away Because Of Their Own Inventions

by Shirley Williams
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The world revolves around inventions of the greatest brains this world has ever known. And although not everyone becomes rich or famous, things are much worse for many…

The world of inventors is not just about creating new gadgets, as the latest innovations must also be tested. During these tests, it does not always go as well as planned since there are few instructions that explain the use of this new technology. That is why sometimes something goes wrong, resulting in fatal consequences. Here you can read more about the inventors who have made the difference through their own creations!

Frantz Reichelt – Parachute suit

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At the beginning of the last century, there was a huge growth in motor-driven air traffic. However, flying was something totally new at the time and there was a very high chance of crashing and a very low chance of surviving a crash. This led to a demand for safety measures and Frantz Reichelt saw an opportunity to develop a parachute suit.

The first tests with dummies were a success, but modifications to the suit to make it wearable proved difficult. Frantz insisted that the tests were not carried out high enough and, after long insistence, received permission to perform a test from the Eiffel Tower. Instead of dummies, he insisted on testing his invention himself this time. However, the parachute did not fully open and Reichelt crashed into his death due to a fatal mistake made in his inventio

Thomas Midgley Jr. – Leaded gasoline

The inventor of leaded gasoline made good money from his creation at the very beginning. However, a lot of commotion arose after the media reported several lead-related deaths, presumably caused by the lead in the new gasoline. To prove that the gasoline was completely safe, Midgley poured the substance over his hand and smelled the bottle for at least 60 seconds. Logically, he fell ill but did not die immediately from these complications.

At a later age, he was diagnosed with polio and was forced to stay in bed. To support him in this, he designed a system of ropes and pulleys to be able to lift himself. During the use of his support, however, he gets entangled in the ropes and his air was taken away, which led to a bad end.

Horace Lawson Hunley – Submarine

During the American Civil War, Horace saw his opportunity to use his engineering skills to get hold of money and fame. The South was looking for a method to sink the boats of the North with as little manpower and costs as possible. To achieve this, the man developed a submarine that enabled the crew to drill a hole into the ships which blocked the ports of the South.

After three failed tests, Hunley decided to take the helm himself and step into the submarine for the fourth time. What exactly happened underwater is not clear. However, the submarine never surfaced again and all 8 passengers, including Hunley, drowned in his new creation.

Henry Smolinski

The worldwide adoption of the car has caused a lot of traffic jams. This made the flying car a dream of many inventors for quite some time. Avoiding the traffic jams by simply flying over it sounds like the ideal solution. Henry Smolinski had this in mind as well and built a fully working flying car from which the wings could be removed after landing. During one of his test flights, however, the right-wing let go and a crash followed which unfortunately made it impossible for the inventor to run away from.

Valerian Abakovsky

During the war between the Communists and Bolsheviks, there was a great demand for transport in the country. The young and inexperienced inventor Valerian Abokovsky was currently working as a driver for the first secret security service of the Soviet Union. Because of this, he spoke to several important and influential people from the country. During one of his journeys, he managed to convince the right person of his idea to create a train powered by an airplane engine. He was allowed to develop the train and after completing his project several VIPs decided to test his train. On the way back, however, the train derailed and six passengers died, including the inventor himself.

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