These Are The Most Influential Events In History!

by Shirley Williams
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From the beginning of time, everything has led to the moment where we are now. During this enormous period, humanity has only just emerged, but we have already made an enormous impact. This article addresses some of the most important events in human history …

The Reformation

From 1517 to 1648 the Reformation of the Catholic Church took place. During this period, Christianity split into multiple religions and the meaning of religion shifted. From the absolute power of the church towards the beliefs of the believer himself. It divided the religion and Europe into Catholic and Protestant. This division caused enormous unrest, wars and shaped Europe as we know it today. It has laid the foundation for humanism and gave more freedom of religion to the many inhabitants of the continent.

Jesus of Nazareth

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Since we are already talking about religion, we cannot skip over the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Despite your beliefs, the impact of this event is undeniable. It unleashed the spread of Christianity and changed the European continent. Also, the Roman Empire was drastically changed by the new religion, which was one of the reasons for the fall of this huge empire. In addition to these consequences, this also marked the start of our new era that has been used as a standard in Europe and in many other parts of the world for more than 2000 years.

Both World Wars

I don’t think it will come as a shock to anyone that the First and Second World War will pass the revue on this list. During these wars, a record number of countries were at war with each other. These two conflicts caused destruction on a scale that had never been seen before. The wars have also set off a huge number of projects and events. Agreements have been made against war violence, NATO has been established and many historians claim that without the Second World War there would never have been a European Union. The cold war was also unleashed immediately after the devastating war ended. It placed democracy and communism directly opposite each other and ignited massive technological developments. That’s how people were put on the moon for the first time!

Gutenberg’s printing press

In addition to the devastating power of war and the enormous influence of religion, the growing level of knowledge that the common people had at their disposal was also a major change. And nothing has had as much impact in this area as the printing press invented by Gutenberg around 1440. Before this enormous development, books had to be copied by hand, so of course, they could only be reached by the very rich. With the creation of Gutenberg, it became possible to give everyone a copy of religious texts, law books and any other form of literature. It opened the eyes of an enormous number of people and is seen by an enormous number of historians as the direct cause of the reformation. And without the ability to disseminate knowledge at this level, many revolutions were not unleashed. It became a lot harder for the elite and the church to keep the people stupid and submissive.

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