The Life Of Elvis Wasn’t All Fun And Parties And His Life Wasn’t All That Great

by Rick Roberts
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The fact that rockstars lived an excentric life won’t come as a surprise to anyone. We have all heard the stories about their life off stage. The parties, the women, and some funny substances. Sometimes it seems the rockstars thought themselves untouchable and thus lived like an open book. However, it appears that ‘The King’ has some secrets buried in his closet…

Waiting for marriage

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Elvis was known to have liked ‘pure’ girls, and his first wife Priscilla belonged to this category. The first time they spend the night together was during their wedding night. According to rumors their child, Lisa-Marie was born exactly nine months after that night. Ironically, after giving birth, Elvis was said to no longer be attracted to his wife because she was now a mother. According to people close to the couple, this is one of the reasons Elvis was sometimes finding his pleasure outside of his marriage.

Daddy’s Jailhouse Rock

In order to protect his image, Elvis has been hiding his father’s missteps until his death. Even though he did a good job swiping this under the rug, it eventually came out that his father was locked up for a forged check. In 1976, Vernon Presley was imprisoned at the Mississipi State Penitentiary in Parchman. The father of this megastar was unimpressed with the value of a pig he had sold and added some zero’s to the check after the sale.

Imprisoned for life

Like his father, Elvis was also forcibly held during his lifetime. This was quite different from his father’s situation, however. According to close sources, ‘The King’ was forced to wed his first wife Priscilla in 1966. His wife threatened him by selling her story to the press if he did not marry her, and her father would charge him for the act of ” taking a minor across state lines for sexual purposes.” Elvis also had a “moral clause” written into his contract which meant he had to go through with it. Leaving him crying prior to the ceremony… 

A true Hound Dog

In 1970 Elvis had engineered a plan to meet with President Nixon and dupe him into giving him something precious to him. ‘The King’ wrote a letter to the President explaining that he reads a lot about drug abuse and Communist brainwashing. Elvis told him that he understood his role in this was on the frontier of all this happening and he wanted to make a change for the better. He then asked for a “narc badge,” which he believed would afford him great freedom in bringing narcotics and weapons over the state and country borders. Little did Nixon know that this was Elvis’ plan all along and according to his drug addiction in later years, did little to reduce the abuse of drugs.

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