The Fantastic Story of One of the Greatest Artists: Frank Sinatra

by Rick Roberts
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Out of all of the famous 20th century artists, perhaps there are none as influential as Frank Sinatra. Not only did he pioneer the concept of the album and how to sing with a microphone, but he also had an incredible origin story. However, most people looking to learn more about the history of Ol’ Blue Eyes have to engage with substantial books and long documentaries in order to get a sufficient amount of information on the artist.

To help you understand the origin story of Frank Sinatra, we’ve created a brief overview of this incredibly influential artist’s life:

A Family of Immigrants and a Tumultuous Childhood

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Frank Sinatra was born on December 12th, 1915 to Marty and Dolly Sinatra. He came from a family of Italian immigrants and the spirit of Italy was always present in his upbringing. However, his birth wasn’t as smooth as one might have hoped. Frank had to be pulled out of his mother’s womb with forceps, a process that ended up harming his face and causing permanent damage to his left eardrum.

Despite Frank Sinatra being known as one of the most well-known male pop stars, he had a rough childhood with regards to looks. For example, the complications of his birth forced him to undergo an intense childhood operation that ended up scarring his face even more, leading children to bully him for his looks.

Pure Passion

One of the things to understand about Frank Sinatra is that he always had a passion for music. When he was only 11 years old, Frank would sing on the streets to earn extra cash, captivating people with his stellar voice. This seemingly natural ability to captivate people that he had was worrisome to his family, as they did not support the idea of him becoming a full-time musician.

However, Frank continued to persevere and would sing throughout his time at school. He would continue to sing with various groups until getting his first big break in 1939 as a lead singer in the Tommy Dorsey band in Chicago. This would earn him $125 a week and helped him transition into being a professional musician!

A Nationwide Phenomenon

After working with a few other jazz bands, Frank Sinatra would make his debut performance as a solo singer on December 30th, 1942. This was the beginning of the star being a complete phenomenon, with many of his fans going to ridiculous ends to get as close to the singer as possible. This was also the time during which he would begin to break into Hollywood films, allowing him to communicate with the public in a new medium.

A Lasting Legacy

Though he would go on to have some controversies later in his life, Frank Sinatra continues to represent a golden era of pop music for many people. Since his early upbringing to his time as one of the most famous men in the world, Frank Sinatra has shown many others how important it is to always chase your dreams!

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