Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real!

by Shirley Williams
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Everyone knows about them: The conspiracy theories. Bush did 9/11, the aliens that are kept in Area 51 and Chemtrails. In addition to a select group of doom thinkers, there is usually not much time spent on these wild ideas. However, it appears that a number of these theories have not yet reached that far …

The first theory seems even more violent than most fiction. After the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US government wanted to test the effect of radioactivity on the human body. Under the name ‘Project Sunshine’, the US government stole deceased bodies to expose them to a high dose of radioactivity. More than 1,500 bodies were collected without permission or notification!

The following conspiracy also had to do with the United States government. Between 1926 and 1933 it was not allowed to drink alcohol in the USA during the prohibition. To strengthen this ban and to scare people off, the government poisoned the raw materials that were used to burn illegal liquor. The affected drink eventually made more than 10,000 Americans sick and many of these victims died from the poison.

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The next plot that turned out to be true had to do with the intelligence service called the CIA. The service that should keep the American people safe was testing LSD and other hallucinatory drugs on citizens. The project was named MK-ULTRA and started with volunteers. However, there was a need for more testers and the researchers decided to expose unsuspecting people to the drugs. The program has left many victims with mental problems. Presently people are also afraid that this project has entered a new phase and the drug meth is currently being tested. According to a number of doom thinkers, this explains the drug crisis that is currently sweeping through America.

The following theory is related to the very famous band The Beatles. According to many people, the former Beatle John Lennon was under constant surveillance of the FBI. However, this also proved to be the case in 2010 when it was admitted that many of the alternative heroes were under surveillance for their ‘anti-war’ sounds. The same revelation also revealed that an attempt was being made to deport the popular pop singer.

The following plot is perhaps the most famous one. Everyone has heard of Snowden, the whistleblower who uncovered a huge project from the NSA. By exposing the documents and files to the world, it became painfully clear that not only the citizens were being spied on but a huge proportion of world leaders and foreign citizens also experienced the same fate. It became world news and the American state has still not regained the trust of many victims. A feeling that is naturally reinforced by the ongoing activities of the NSA and even the expansion of their activities in this area. It has also become clear recently that this is not only happening in America but that all governments in the western world have developed extensive methods to monitor their citizens.

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